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Need a Spa moved in Perth?

let's talk spas! Contact Clark 0403386477Speedy Spas is a fully insured spa removalist with several years experience transporting spas in and around the greater Perth region. We move spas both professionally for Perth based companies but specialize in private second-hand purchases or simply just moving house. Fair pricing and great scheduling flexibility to accommodate your schedule.
Most spas can be easily moved without need of a crane or hiab, if there is access - it can be done!


Price for moving a spa in Perth

There are two pricing options for moving your spa.

1 person callout - 200 (you provide assistance) (most popular)

2 person callout - 280 (we do it all)

These prices are from Yanchep to Rockingham, further excursions into Woop Woop and beyond are negotiable. 
These prices get the spa from where it now sits to the spot where you want it placed. (Not just dumped on your driveway!)

We do not charge extra for the more difficult moves such as unpaved surfaces, steps, removable fences etc. If there is access, it can be done at the flat rate.

Scheduling and availability to move your spa.

We're very flexible and can work around your schedule.

Weekdays - "school hours" and after hours
Saturdays and Sundays - All day.

No extra charge for after hours or weekends.


Clark 0403 386 477 (Yes, even on Weekends!!)

Frequently Asked Questions about moving a spa in Perth

These top the list, but feel free to call me with any questions about moving or relocating your spa.

I just need my spa moved from one side of my yard to the other, can you do it for less?

Yes, sounds like half a job so I can go $100 for a single person call out or $200 for a two person call out.

Do I buy or sell spas?

I do not. If you are looking to sell your second hand spa, contact They often buy, refurbish and sell second hand spas.

Will I need a crane or hiab to move my spa?

Most spas can be easily moved without the use of a crane or hiab, which tends to get pricey! However, if one is needed I am happy to provide information as to the best deals I know of in your area. Feel free to call me and I can usually talk you through it. Depending on the size and weight of your spa and the reach required - if you can get away with a hiab rather than a crane it will much cheaper!


How much notice do I need to schedule my spa to be moved?

This varies, usually with the one person call out I can get right to it. For the two person callout a few days notice might be needed. (Tip -  Many people are out looking at spas on the weekends and wait to call me until Monday - this is when I start to book up. Please feel free to call anytime on weekends - I can often meet you same day.


What is the largest spa you can move?

The largest I can fit on my trailer (and the most I am insured for) is 2.3 metres squared. Most spas fall into this range except the large swim spas. There are a few models that measure 2.5m by 2m. These I can do as the width is our main concern.


Are you insured to move spas?



How far outside of Perth do you move spas?

As far as you need to go. Prices are negotiable beyond Yanchep and Rockingham. I have delivered many spas to Mandurah, Bunbury, Margaret River, Busselton, places I can't pronounce and beyond! Contact me for a quote.

My spa needs to be hardwired, can you do that?

I am not a sparky, but again I am happy to provide information for the best deals.


Can you take my old spa to the tip? What is the cost?

If your spa is an above ground spa (with access) I can do this for the normal rates - which includes the Tip fee. If you have an in-ground spa that needs to be cut into pieces and removed I can this do this for 250 (price also includes the Tip fee) 
For spas that have gas heating, they will need to be disconnected beforehand.


I think my spa is going to be a complicated move, can you come check it out?

Usually can do this free of charge if it is relatively close by. However pictures tell a thousand words so that helps. Also tape measures don't lie, having one handy helps heaps!
Dirt, gravel and grass are no problem.


I will need to remove a fence to move my spa, can you do that? Does it cost extra?

Can do. If the fence is easily removable (such as colorbond or most pool fencing) I can remove and replace it at no extra charge.


My spa has white ant damage / wood rot - can you still move my spa?

Yes, most of the time it can fixed fairly easily. But it is best if you let me know before hand so I have the tools and the time ready to go. Sometimes it won't be noticed until we try to move it, which at that point we can either fix on site or make arrangements to come back. Important to note is that many fixes will require turning the spa upside down. If there is substantial damage it will require a number of "volunteers" to help flip it without causing anymore damage. If selling or looking at a spa to buy, have a look inside at the frame and poke it with a screwdriver to see if there is white ant's not very often but I have seen it.


                                                                                                                  (fixing a white ant damaged spa frame)


You showed me how to release an airlock in my spa, how do I do that again?

An airlock is fairly normal after you have first filled a spa that has been completely drained. (about a 30-40% chance) This happens by air getting stuck somewhere in the pipes. Luckily fixing the problem is no big deal, and once you do it, the airlock won't happen again. Easy Fix! No need to call a spa tech out!!

1. Turn the spa off if you get any error message (E4/E6 or "thermal trip"etc) on your touchpad or if the jets just aren't working right.
2. Open the access panel and find the pump (water pump - not the air blower)
3. Loosen the joint (just a twist) and restart the spa. The air will escape out and you'll get a little water spray - then just re-tighten it and you are good to go! 

Here's a random fella from youtube to take you through it.

We're moving house, can you fit anything else on the trailer while moving the spa?

Hey, why not. I have a large trailer and a dual cab truck - if it fits, pack it in. 

You know what would really compliment my spa? It would be a custom built Tiki Bar!!! Where can I find one?

Actually, not an FAQ, but if you are looking to further transform your space into a holiday destination, you're in luck! As a side project business I also build, hire and sale custom themed home and party bars! Visit for more info!